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These days many of the world’s most popular destinations are concerned about “over tourism”. In response to this Rome’s Mayor Virginia Raggi , issued new laws banning bad behavior by tourists. The days of sightseers bathing in public fountains, dining on monuments and treating monuments with disrespect are over. Law breakers will now be greeted with “Zero Tolerance” in Rome’s city center areas.

Comparable efforts are being imposed around the world. Tourists on the Spanish Steps will be warned to stop drinking beer and keep their footgear on. Fines are being distributed in Florence for feasting in doorways and walkways near the Uffizi Galleries. Eating is being restricted in St Mark’s Square unless done in a local café or restaurant in the square and the red-light district of Amsterdam will begin prohibiting guided tours. Not to be left out, locals who dress themselves in fake Roman Soldier attire posing near ancient monuments seeking money from tourists who take selfies with them will also be fined.

Our advice to travelers - when you’re in a foreign country be respectful of the culture and have a wonderful experience! Enjoy your surroundings and appreciate the culture which is your host.

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