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Saturday, 01 August 2015 00:00

Welcome to "Journey's Travel Blog"!

Journey, the wandering mascot of AZ Trails TravelThis is the enchanting story of “Journey”, the wandering mascot of AZ Trails Travel. 

One day a wise and powerful King Penguin named Darwin, became curious as to who was responsible for sending multitudes of friendly travelers to visit the regions where penguins lived – areas as South America, Galapagos, Australia, S. Africa, New Zealand & Antarctica. Leaving his kingdom, Darwin set out on an adventurous trek to find this special place that traveler’s from all over the world called “AZ Trails Travel”! 

Since Darwin was sitting on an egg at the time, he placed it gently into his backpack and took it with him on his trip. Lo and behold along the way, the egg did hatch! When Darwin finally arrived in beautiful Fountain Hills, Arizona he decided to gift his baby boy to the wonderful people at AZ Trails Travel as their mascot.

Being so honored, AZ Trails Travel wished to give this cute and adorable penguin a proper name. They asked their clients and friends from far and wide to help name the little darling. Leslie, a fair maiden from Iowa suggested the name of “Journey” which was bestowed on the baby penguin and the rest is history.

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